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A guide to ‘70s chic

While the flower power and the psychedelic mood of the ‘60s was certainly raging on the spring/summer 2022 runways, that's no reason to ignore the chic style of the ‘70s. Whether you're just a retro girl in general or in the mood to relive an old favorite decade this guide to 70’s chic will have something for you. So sit back, put 'That ’70s show' on in the background and get ready to get groovy.


While the 2000s are thought of in terms of baby pinks and pastels, and the 1920s in shades of black, gold and silver, the 1970’s colors weren’t highly saturated tones but rather earthy shades. Think of tones of blue and hues of green, soft colors synonymous with nature and the world around us…

  • Sky blue

  • Olive

  • Kelly green

  • Burgundy

  • Earth tones

Needed Prints:

  • Polka dots

  • Florals

  • Psychedelic swirls

Capsule wardrobe:

  • Halter tops

  • Beaded chokers

  • Bell bottoms

  • Maxi dresses

  • Mini skirts

  • Scarf

  • Knee-high boots

  • Sunglasses

  • Peasant blouses and skirts

Outfit inspo:

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