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Audrey Hope is my new style icon

Gossip Girl is *that* teen show nobody can help but want to watch. Maybe it’s because of the constant cloud of drama that swirls around the Upper East Side or maybe it’s because the lives of Manhattan’s elite are so far removed from most of our own. But for me, the main reason I sit down each Thursday and give myself a small hour break to watch the Gossip Girl reboot is the fashion. But, knowing me, is that really shocking?

I didn’t think so.

And while both Blair and Serena’s show-stopping styles put together by the genius Eric Damon could never be replaced I’m finding that one character, in particular, has taken the hearts of many en force: Audrey Hope. With endlessly long legs, an angel face, a book perpetually in her hands, and those softly thrown-together outfits many would assume she was sweet. To some degrees she is and at other angles she isn’t. In many ways, she’s like Blair- caring intensely for the people she loves but disliking those that try to push their way into her life. Her style also follows (slightly) in the footsteps of the former Queen B.

While Blair’s Gossip Girl outfits were always preppy and there was never a hair out of place, Audrey’s outfits tend to throw more chaos into the mix. She craves bulky sweaters with shorts. Chunky shoes just seem to make sense to her. And neutrals are the provided go-tos- none of the bright color-pops that Blair was known for.

How to get Audrey Hope’s Style

The capsule wardrobe:

  • An oversized white sweater

  • Black and white striped sweater dress

  • Classic pair of dark wash jeans or black pants

  • Two night-out dresses (and Audrey seems to really like as skin-tight as possible to show off her figure :))

  • White button down- bonus if you add in a necktie

  • Oversized blue trench coat

  • Blazer

  • Mini shorts

  • Structured purse

  • Chunky black ankle boots

  • Ballet flats

The color scheme:

  • Black

  • White

  • Beiges

  • Grays

If color is added to her outfit it is often in deep blues or blushes

The extra details:

  • Ribbons to tie around the neck, often in blues

  • Stud earrings

  • Slip dress to sleep in with excess lace (we have to keep Max or Aki interested...or both ;)

  • A book to contemplate life over-- you can find Audrey’s books on this Instagram account @audreyhope.books because they’ve been meticulously curating them!!

If you would like to explore Audrey Hope's style more then you can watch Clever & Chic's Youtube video that analyzes her sense of style and emotional state.

Audrey Hope’s outfits:

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