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Find the best swimsuit for you

There really is no season more body-conscious than summer, and more than that, there isn’t really an industry that puts its spotlight on one’s physical appearance more than the fashion industry. These two simple facts can then culminate into a large amount of stress for women when it comes to shopping for the perfect summer swimsuit. And perhaps you’ve shrugged your shoulders and considered it late in the game as the calendar flips to July, but if what’s holding you back is your body then that really isn’t a reason at all!

Swimsuit shopping is, quite literally, the equivalent of going to the dentist for many. But over the years, I’ve pulled many successful teeth in finding the perfect suit for me. The tricks might vary depending on the season and the styles that are popular. But overall? The tips on finding the best swimsuit for you will always be the same! Therefore, if you need a bit of help, I recommend scrolling down.

Be realistic

It’s always fun to pick out a swimsuit for your dream vacation, but if you really aren’t heading to Santorini and are instead just planning on swimming laps in your local pool this summer then that strappy one-piece probably isn’t the best swimsuit for you. So, when you head out to go swimsuit shopping for the summer months, make sure to actually consider what you will be doing and what you want to be doing (that’s reasonable) rather than things that you know simply won’t be occurring this summer.

Find separates

Part of the problem with swimsuit shopping is simply that the sizes don’t align well. I mean, how many times have you found the cutest swimsuit set only to realize that the bottom fits you perfectly and the top would only suit you if you have the goal of flashing someone on the beach? This is an issue that continuously seems to plague women and thankfully the industry has clued in, making separates available. Perhaps it’s slightly more expensive to buy a top and then a bottom, but I’d say that the confidence in a good suit is priceless!

Size up

While grabbing a swimsuit in your own size is probably what you’ll immediately want to try on, it doesn’t hurt to bring an extra suit that’s a size up to the dressing room with you. Considering that swimsuit sizes can vary greatly between brands, having the neighboring sizes with you can certainly be helpful so that when one is a bit too tight you don’t start to body shame yourself. Along with this, if you plan just to sunbathe, having the elastic be a bit looser can be much more flattering. Just be wary that when wet, the spandex will expand and can lead to an even looser fit.

Shop all at one place- online

Hopping from brand to brand might be one thing, but taking the time to figure out one swim website and then another is just time-consuming and frankly doesn’t make any sense. Thankfully, the California-based company SwimOutlet exists! The most popular place to go when shopping for swimwear online due to the fact it has the largest selection of swim products sold outside of Amazon. With two limited edition collaborations from Sporti being debuted this month, there’s no time to waste in picking out your soon-to-be favorite summer swimsuit.

The first collaborative collection to get excited about is the Sporti X Stef Corgel option. Focusing on drawing inspiration from warm summers on Southern California beaches, this collection is both feminine and athletic. Designed for the woman who doesn’t mind switching up her bikinis until they’re all gloriously mixed up, this swim collection focuses on the free spirit of the influencer, Stef Corgel, who helped in the design of this line. So whether you want strappy or sporty, you'll certainly find a new set resting among the rashguards and bikinis to enamor you.

However, if you’re in the mood for something flashy and exciting, a swim collection with brighter colors, and a bit more pizazz, jumping straight into Tyler Wallach’s Unapologetically Bold collection would be a great choice. Filled with the bright colors from your childhood summers, the rainbow-splashed designs and fiery details hold special meaning for Wallach. While his work is about “love, light, and positivity,” he incorporated the bright pops of colors and rainbow options to symbolize the ongoing struggle for LGBTQ+ teens. With a portion of the proceeds going to the It Gets Better Project to help create hope and help those struggling with their sexuality that feel alone, purchasing a swimsuit from this collection won’t only make you feel great in your body, but also good about yourself.

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