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Bridgitte Bardot’s iconic style

After talking about the keys to Jane Birkin’s style, I realized that Bridgitte Bardot should also be covered. Another key player in French Girl style she is a bit of a Marilyn to Jane’s Audrey.

Best known for her roles in the ‘50s and ‘60s that made her into a sex symbol, the French actress, singer, and model would often stun in simple outfits that would make women weep with need. The image of a French pin-up girl on a beach towel in a simple white bikini? That’s inspired by Bardot. I’m hoping we’ve become feminist enough to step away from the view of her as a sex symbol and fully accept her as the style icon she is.

While figure-fitting dresses were part of her outfit repertoire, Bardot’s looks in the ‘60s and ‘70s often comprised more of beach wear, pantsuits, and simple dresses. The Bardot neckline-clearly named for her-shows off the decolletage, but not much else and is clearly the start of when the trend cycle began to adapt women wearing off-the-shoulder items. If you’re interested in adapting Bridgitte Bardot’s playful, flirtatious, and feminine style to your own wardrobe then stick around for the essentials you will need to do so.


  • Sundresses (specifically in a gingham pattern)

  • Swimsuits

  • Animal print coats

  • Sets


  • Hats

  • Signature hair/makeup you’re known by

  • Stripe details or polka dots

  • Sunglasses

  • Headbands


  • Flats

  • Pumps

  • No shoes!


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