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Essentials of the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic

Is it unfeminist to obsess over the aesthetic of the rockstar girlfriend? There’s a part of me that wants to say ‘yes,’ that you should be the rockstar yourself, but if you (like me) have no musical talent then why not be a groupie? Penny Lane did acquire quite a reputation for herself in the end, even if she used music to hide.

This aesthetic is designed for the nightlife, and for the young. The look of a rockstar’s girlfriend is messy, chaotic, and just a little bit unhinged. She sleeps all day and parties all night, making her wardrobe always club-ready.

Taylor Momsen, Kate Moss, and Devon Lee Carlson all incorporate this look well. And thankfully, for my feminist nature, one of them is actually a rockstar. But if the everyday woman wants to adapt to this style, what does she wear? It might not be office appropriate, but the list is below…


  • Slip dresses

  • Fur coats

  • Leather pants or mini skirts

  • Thigh-highs

  • Halter tops


  • High heels

  • Doc Martens

  • Converse


  • Arm cuffs

  • Chain earrings

  • Waist beads

  • Layered necklaces

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