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Getting Daisy Jones’ fashion sense

If you noticed my lack of weekly post last week (and I truly love you if you did), I have no excuse except that I was tired and had nothing prepared. It worked itself in my favor though, because today is the 3rd of March. That might just be a day for some, but those who have been eagerly awaiting the glamorous and hedonistic TV adaptation of Taylor Jenkin Reid’s novel Daisy Jones and the Six will know it as the release date for this show.

Ever since reading the book, my mind has been obsessed with Daisy’s fashion and the way her creativity and independence are shown through how she dresses. The show might not have been released yet, but thankfully stills from the set and quotes from the book provide us with a vision of how Daisy dresses.

One of the first outfits that sticks out in my mind is what we hear Daisy wears when she goes to meet the band; an oversized white button-down as a dress. Karen, astutely realizes then that Daisy will not only look good in anything that she wears but also that she will wear anything. This is the confidence we need in dressing. Despite constantly being sexualized, Daisy loves her body and decides to wield her sexuality like a weapon rather than cover up the way Karen does in an effort to prove she gets jobs just for her talent.

Even though she does embrace more risky clothes, there’s a dimension and depth in how she dresses. Often because of her drug use, it’s known that her body temperature fluctuates heavily. In the song ‘Impossible Woman,’ there are the lyrics Billy wrote that explain her lack of explanation in how she dresses.

“Dancing barefoot in the snow,

cold can’t touch her, high or low

She’s blues dressed up as rock’n’roll.”

This can explain why she’ll be more covered up at times and other times gravitates towards crop tops and jeans. But, be careful, because she isn't the rockstar's girlfriend. She's the rockstar.

Apart from her independence and self-destructive habits, much of her style is drawn from the fashion of the decade she is in; the ‘70s. So when trying to get her style, think bangles (we know she adores them), fur coats, bell bottoms, and other ‘70s classics.

In need of some ideas?

Scroll for some stills of her outfits or reach out to me at for help!

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