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How to get the Messy French Girl Aesthetic

Perhaps a bit more niche than the ‘That Girl’ trend of last summer or the ongoing affection for dark academia, the messy French Girl aesthetic surely fulfills the need for #feralfall–in the sweetest way possible.

The outfits within this style are somewhat chaotic and always a bit messy, but they are never boring. With untucked shirts, French Girl staples, and clothes that can be transitioned from work to the club, the wardrobe of the messy French girl is worth taking the time to perfectly curate. So, let’s start with the essentials, shall we?


  • Denim, particularly straight-leg jeans

  • Tailored jackets

  • Basic t-shirts

  • White button downs

  • Trench coats

  • Slip dresses

  • Camisoles

  • Little black dress


  • Simple hoops

  • Small chains

  • Cat-eye glasses


  • Ballet flats

  • Kitten heels

  • Slip-on sneakers

Tips + Tricks

  • Messy hair and you truly don’t care

  • Classic red lip

  • Find your je ne said quois

  • Appreciate the art of layering

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