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How to get the style of a 90’s It-Girl

It girls.

We’ve all heard of them, Hell, some of us have wanted to be them. But nothing is more coveted than the status of the ‘90s it-girl.’ After all, she is the one who first piloted effortless beauty, and while the decade was never particularly effortless and the girls that won the title of an ‘it-girl’ often suffered greatly the style, silhouettes, and simplistic beauty of the aesthetic beauty are still fresh in many a fashionista’s mind.

But how do we get the style of the ‘90s it-girl? What exactly are the keys to the wardrobe that make the fashion tick and our hearts throb? Well….if you’ve been reading or watching me for long then you know I’m about to answer just that question and provide you with all the links to build your own wardrobe of the ‘90s It-Girl!

The little black dress- preferably bodycon

Long, ruched and one-sided. You simply can't go wrong with this dress from Nordstrom.

Perhaps a bit on the sexy side, nothing can negate the beauty of this dress. Pick it up from Pretty Little Thing.

Carrie Bradshaw may have been a late '90s it-girl, but if you take inspiration from her sense of style then this black dress will be a dream. Snag it from Light in the Box!

Oversized mom jeans

Coming back into style once again, mom jeans are something I can't imagine parting from. My all-time favorites range from the classic BDG to the always comfortable Rollas.


No words can begin to describe the need for black in the wardrobe of a '90s it-girl.

White tank tops

For those of you that want the Prada tanktop no one can stop talking about, I suppose the $995 price tag will be seen as worth while...

...but for those of you that just want this basic with clean lines, Banana Republic will have your back.

Sexy shift dress

Sometimes sex-appeal isn't about what skin is showing, but rather what is covered up. This dress from Anthropologie's Maeve collection certainly knows that.

Simplistic and elegant, this Lulu's dress will provide you with everything you could need for a night out.

Oversized blazer

Madewell is a go-to for a reason. Or at least many reasons, starting with the clean lines, good fabric and affordable price.

Maybe pink isn't very '90s...but with the rise of Y2K chic this year I couldn't help myself from throwing this blazer into the staple wardrobe of an it-girl. Find it at Free People.

Loose blowout

Find a local salon near you- do you expect me to provide all the links?

If you enjoyed this post then please let me know in the comments below and if you would like a style consultation on creating your own personal look then please email me at

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