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Lana Del Rey’s Style Evolution

Maybe I’ve just manically landed on Lanatok, or since Snow on the Beach came out with Taylor Swift, Lana’s fans have gotten all the more excited. Whatever the cause, I’m sure every Lana girl can unite in their love for her outfits. From blue jeans and white shirts to ‘buttweiser’ t-shirts and the American flag she’s styled exactly how she’s known; romantic, vintage, and just a tad of a bad influence. Of course, we could have done without mesh masks during a pandemic, but by placing them in the Chemtrails Over the Country Club music video we get a bit of attitude and her petty personality that every vengeful teenage girl loves.

What exactly makes Lana’s outfits though? The conjured image of her fans in frilly socks and short skirts isn’t exactly what Lana would wear, but what the media has created from her song lyrics.

In an effort to get to know the legend herself (through her clothing, obviously) scroll down the page in order to see Lana Del Rey’s style evolution since she became a household name. Or at least a household name among broken-hearted girls.

Winning the ‘Next Big Thing’ Q award, after her song “Video Games” took over the charts, Lana didn’t show up in her well-known romanticized vintage-American looks.

Interestingly, the Prabal Gurung dress–sporting a cheery yellow stripe in contrast to the melancholy song that got her to the award– was paired with a rough-and-tumble leather jacket.

This helps to highlight Lana’s contradictions in her style choices. She adores combining sultry femme fatale looks with the glamour of the ‘60s. This decade proved to be one of her biggest inspirations and Priscilla Presley in particular was her muse. From bouffant hair-dos to stiletto nails, plenty of the style choices Lana makes can be drawn parallel to Priscilla. And speaking of the ‘60s, every now and then we’ll be blessed with an image of Lana in something a little more down to earth. Perhaps it’s her staple of jeans and a white t-shirt or maybe she’ll veer into a retro flair in an outfit perfect for Woodstock. Whatever she chooses, she pulls it off. Creating something fun, dynamic, and whimsical.

One of the first times she embraced a beehive hair-do we saw Lana create an eclectic and brooding outfit. This look was complete with a camo jacket, pastel dress, and high tops. While almost being a girl-next-door look, the shoes and jacket gave it a more Avante-grade approach.

This is very much the power of Lana Del Rey’s fashion. At one moment we see her casual, fairly undone and like anyone you might pass on the street, then the next she’ll have combined multiple decades into one look and after that, she’s fully vampy and ready to take on the red carpet in a dress fit for Morticia Adams.

After creating around ten albums and multiple covers and singles, you’d think we would have gotten used to her chaotic style changes. But it seems we haven’t.

If many weren’t already aware she is a Cancer, then surely her fashion would give way to someone concluding she’s a Gemini!

From nostalgic glamour to retro looks and vampy fashion, I think we can surely say that Lana Del Rey’s style will fit whatever aesthetic she wants when the mood hits her. If you’re interested in finding out more about her style, there’s seemingly an entire Instagram account to find out just what she wore and I have covered her in a TikTok before. One thing is for certain though, no matter what style you tend to gravitate towards Lana can certainly be your muse.


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