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New York Style Guide

Almost every fashion lover can name off the four fashion capitals of the world (New York, Paris, Milan, and London if you were curious). For this reason,fashion-obsessed I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what made each fashion capital tick. Each season similar items might appear on the runways, but often each city's fashion weeks will have their own ‘look’. As the particularly fashion obsessed person I am, I decided why not give everyone a special treat for the holidays and break down each city’s unique style…

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New York is a fashion mecca to me, a place that I gravitate to more than another. Perhaps it’s the casual acceptance of its people that simply let everyone wear what they want or maybe it's the multitude of options for things to dress up for, but either way, New York is *that* fashion capital for me. Of course, Paris, London, and Milan all hold special places in my heart as well. But for me, getting the classic New Yorker look will be my forever goal.

Capsule wardrobe

  • Blazers, blazers, blazers (bonus if you can turn it into a dress)

  • Straight leg jeans

  • Pumps and flats (bonus if they’re both because those do exist)

  • Vibrant sneakers

  • White button-downs (or any button down)

  • T-shirts (long sleeve and short sleeve)

  • Easy to throw on sets

  • Lightweight maxi dress

  • Satin slip dress (parties, gallery openings, etc…you need to look nice.

  • An insane amount of accessories

  • Boots (black, brown, gray, whatever you have- you’ll need them for the winters.)

  • Puffer coats (it gets cold-ok?!)

  • The perfect purse

Outfit ideas

#1 Baggy trousers + Button down shirt + heel and clutch

#2 Slip dress + black shirt + knee high boots

#3 Mini skirt + oversized sweater + knee high boots

Fashion philosophies

  1. Black is best

  2. Form > Function

  3. Never hold back

  4. Good grooming is key

  5. Bright prints will never be out of style

  6. Power suits are the ultimate throw on

  7. Denim is your best friend

  8. Blue and black is the color combination we all need


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