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Parisian Style Guide

Almost every fashion lover can name the four fashion capitals of the world (New York, Paris, Milan, and London if you were curious). For this reason, I couldn’t help but wonder exactly what made each fashion capital tick. Each season similar items might appear on the runways, but often each city's fashion weeks will have their own ‘look’. As the particularly fashion-obsessed person I am, I decided why not give everyone a special treat for the holidays and break down each city’s unique style…

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds- if not thousands- of guides on the internet that are claiming to be able to give you that ‘french girl’ je ne sais quoi. And this guide isn’t probably even as in-depth as others you might be able to find, but it does give you the overview needed to revamp your closet and look Paris Fashion Week ready this upcoming February. So if you happen to be particularly Parisian fashion obsessed or simply are just reading each of these style capital guides, I promise not to disappoint. After all, with the French, less is always more <3

Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Trench coats

  • Loose jeans

  • Casual tops

  • Excellent lingerie

  • Ballet flats

  • Comfortable heels

  • Simple dresses

  • Small accessories

  • Striped shirt

  • Elegant heels

Outfit ideas:

#1 Trench coat + loose jeans + ballet flats + striped shirts

#2 Striped shirt + jeans + heels

#3 Blazer + jeans + t-shirt + ballet flats

Fashion Philosophies:

  1. Trench coats are anything you want them to be

  2. Everything should be tailored to fit you

  3. Effortless makeup and hair

  4. Fashion should be multi-generational

  5. Accenting your waist is key

  6. Everything should look thrown together- even if it took you hours to get ready

  7. Classics > Trends

  8. Less is always more

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