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Product Copy Examples

Title: Twist-me-not gold earrings

Glitter in these elegant gold earrings whenever you want. Simple, yet stunning the lightweight gold of the metal reflects the light effortlessly after the three polishes they have gone through.

Perfect for a date night with a low-cut blouse or a quick work meeting with a blazer and a boat neck, the earrings can be worn anytime, anywhere. So scoop them up now for an elegant twist to any outfit or the perfect gift for any occasion-after all, jewelry is always a favorite!

Title: Layers of Love

Gold metal alloy and crystal come together to create this subtle and meaningful necklace. The soft sparkles from crystals embedded in the crescent take the wearer on a journey through the stars while the heart captivates emotions. Naturally, the chain is steadying; the metal it’s made from is durable, hypoallergenic, non-fading, and both lead and nickel need to ponder if it’s well made!

This is the perfect gift for yourself, your family members, or anyone who is close to you. Wear it with your best friend as a reminder of your love for each other, or wear it for yourself to remind of your wild and loving heart.

Title: Uniqueness is key 14k Gold Plated Necklace

What do the tree of life, a mustache and an adorably lopsided star have in common? A 14k gold chain and someone with incredibly good taste in jewelry! This unique necklace pairs vintage style with a modern flair all while sparkling in gold.

And speaking of gold...the plating of the chain underwent an electroforming process (the chain sits in an electrolyte solution while slowly pulling the positive metal ions to it) so that the chain is both resilient and beautiful.

The charms will drop down into a low V along each of the chains, slowly descending from 16 inches to 19 and then 21 inches. When you're done with the necklace, simply wrap it back up in the gift bag it comes with for storage!

Title: Take me to Europe Leather Wallet

Perhaps you are unable to travel currently, but this wallet will hold all your dreams of European trips in the future. Lightweight and RFID blocking, the smooth brown leather is made to last a lifetime. Designed in Italy, craftsmanship is not a problem.

So purchase this European-style wallet for yourself or anyone else in your life that has dreams of strolling cobblestone streets and speaking foreign languages. This wallet will hold your dreams as well as you money, making it well worth the purchase.

Why buy?

  • RFID blocking wallet

  • There are 8 credit card slots

  • Two ID windows

  • Two bill compartments

  • A snap-closure coin pocket

  • Designed in Italy

  • Small and practical; 4.75 inches X 3.75 inches

  • Comfort Fit

Title: It’s all about money magnets

Have you ever had the problem of loose cash somehow finding its way outside of your wallet and onto the street? That will never happen again with this genuine leather magnetic wallet! Made of pebble grain cowhide and sealed shut with an industrial grade magnet, this stylish and functional wallet keeps your cash safe- so that hot and cold feeling of a missing twenty never bothers you again!

Purchase in black, brown, or burgundy for yourself or the friend in your life that seems to be perpetually losing cash.

Why buy?

  • A two-year warranty with purchase and thirty-day money back guarantee

  • Made of genuine pebble grain cowhide leather

  • The front magnet holds everything in place

  • 5 card slots

  • Clear ID window

  • Easy to slip into any pockets (4 inches x 3.125 inches x 0.375 inches)

  • Available in multiple colors (Black, Brown, and Burgundy)

Title: Ultimate USA Passport Holder

If you're traveling out of the country soon, then it’s no secret that a passport is a necessity. If you happen to want the basic blue, brown, or black color options that passports are so often contained in-we’ve got you covered…But if you're tempted by brighter colors the turquoise, baby blue, hot pink, purple or peach options should surely cover the bases and add a bit of flair to your travels.

So look chic as you dash abroad this summer, stay safe and have fun all the while knowing your confidential information is secure within the steady sleeves of this passport holder.

Why buy?

  • Made of genuine leather

  • Embossed with a gold-tone USA logo

  • Secure place to hold a passport

  • Available in multiple colors (black, brown, navy blue, turquoise, baby blue, hot pink, purple, or peach)

  • Measurements: 11.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches high

Title: Traveler Leather Bag

Perfect for the traveler in you or your family, this leather bag holds everything you could possibly need for a quick weekend trip. Clothes, toiletries, several books, and your computer can all be confined in one stylish leather tote bag! Talk about travel perfection. The inside structure contains three zipper pockets as well as open areas that are easy to ger to and perfect to store all knick-knacks you might find along the trip.

Scoop up this classic tote bag and prepare for the next leg of the journey!

Why buy?

  • Made of high-quality leather and lined with dark fabric on the inside

  • Both interior and exterior zipper pockets

  • Large carrying capacity

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Available in multiple colors (black, brown, red, beige, tan, navy, and gray)

  • Measures 12.5 inches in length, 10 inches high, and 6.5 inches wide. The shoulder straps are 32 inches long and drop off at 14 inches

Title: Organized and stylish leather tote bag

You swing the bag around your shoulder, take one last look in the mirror to make sure that your outfit is perfect, and head to the restaurant you’re meeting your friends at...only-did you forget something? Of course not, this genuine leather handbag made of vintage cowhide truly stores everything! A search through the two magnetic pockets, exterior back pocket, and four interior pockets reveals the phone you were afraid you left the house without. Truly an organizational marvel.

Why buy?

  • Made of high-quality leather and silver hardware

  • Polyester lining

  • Zipper closure for safety

  • Many pockets

  • Lightweight

  • Measurements: the adjustable shoulder strap is one inch wide, fifty-eight inches long, and has a thirty-inch drop. The total tote is eleven inches wide, eleven and a half inches high, and two inches deep.

  • The choice between black or brown for the color

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