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'That Girl'; a healthier how-to guide

You'd have to live under a rock- or just not be on any social media platforms- to have escaped the craze of becoming 'That Girl'. Still, I'll explain what it is just in case you some how missed this budding niche in the world... it has nothing to do with the '60s Tv show of the same name, instead 'That Girl' is the phrase used to explain a healthy, intelligent girl or woman who gets up early and all around has her life together. Sounds pretty good, right?

Who wouldn't want to be her?

But the problem with the stereotypical Girl that social media has created is that for some people, the habits that are associated with it may not be healthy for them. Personally, I can't get up at 5 A.M each morning because I'm dead to the world at that hour- my sleep schedule is an easy 11:30 at night to 8 in the morning and switching up those circadian rhythms will make me far less productive and infinitely more tired. Along these lines, trying to be overly healthy might trigger orthorexia in some people and a gratitude journal might seem ridiculous.

Sure, some of the ideas to become the girl you want to be do make sense, and thus for this reason I've included a list below of what you should do to become 'That Girl'- just remember to tweak it for you so that you can live YOUR best life.

How to be 'That Girl', tips and tricks for living your best life

- Work out each day (that you can)

Maybe it's a short walk or a difficult work out. Just try to fit something athletic into most days. Notice how I said most? It's because your body needs rest.

- Drink more water

It makes you skin clearer, your brain less foggy, helps your body to function properly...if there was any element more important than water we certainly haven't heard of it. So drink up!

- Make your bed in the mornings

Scientifically, making your bed in the mornings will signal to your brain that it's time to wakeup and going back to sleep thus isn't an option. So when you make your bed, put the pillows just the way you like and smile because you've started the day right. The rush may not be the same as coffee, but there is a bit of an adrenaline boost.

- Stay out of drama

Because...who wants it?

- Compliment others

It's all a ripple effect and kindness spreads :)

- Be confident

Know who you are. So love who you are and be who you are. And if you're having trouble one day- fake it!

- Skincare

Healthy skin is something that will certainly make you feel confident and thus it's a good idea to practice skincare rituals. Below are my own personal skincare tips that I've found lead to healthy and glowing skin!

  1. Wash your face twice daily, once in the morning and once at night

  2. DO NOT POP YOUR PIMPLES- put tea tree oil on them instead (or toothpaste).

  3. After you shower is the perfect time to moisturize because it will lock in some of the moisture from the shower.

  4. Put a face mask on once a week- the skincare kind, not the 'protect against COVID-19' kind (because you will probably using that a lot more than once a week). Depending on your skin, reach for either a hydrating option or a clay mask. Though, both are good to have in your bathroom draw at all times.

- Eat healthy

By this I mean eat the rainbow, enjoy grains and fruits and vegetables and sugar. Diets don't help. How often do people fall off of diets and feel bad? Pressure themselves into losing weight that they don't need to? It's the law of human nature, say we can't have something and we want it all the more- it's like the Prohibition taught us nothing. So don't be the girl to cut things out of your diet to be 'healthier', just enjoy food and listen to your body!

- Focus on the small moments that make you happy.

The smell of coffee in the morning. The sound of your best friend's laugh. Your excitement at watching the latest episode of your favorite show or picking up the book you've read 1,000 times to read it again. Enjoy all the small things and you will notice just how beautiful the world it.

-Work to create your own sense of style

Fashion, the main reason that this blog exists, is a large part of what it takes to be that girl. While the looks we saw stem out of this aesthetic were very clean-girl-chic, finding your own sense of style and signature is the true key because it will provide you with eternal confidence.

Below are TikTok and Pinterest's favorite pieces of advice, pick them up if they're good for you!

* None of the pictures are mine, please email me if you'd like them taken down.

If you enjoyed this post then please let me know in the comments below and if you would like a style consultation on creating your own personal look then please email me at

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