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The Ultimate Guide to the ‘Femme Fatale’ wardrobe

From Lilith to Gilda, there is no archetype more extensively obsessed over than that of the femme fatale. Often a beautiful, intelligent, and manipulative woman, this is a character that wreaks havoc on those around her, all while sailing about on a cloud of mystery. But what, exactly is so intoxicating about the femme fatale? Perhaps her confidence? Maybe the allure is the fact she needs no one? There’s plenty of reason to love her (and to hate her)…but for me, the single thing that forever stands out is the wardrobe of the femme fatale. Classic, sophisticated, and yet completely seductive and sensual, this woman dresses with the ability of the most talented stylist.

The first step in creating this wardrobe is simple; you must learn to dress for your body. As we grow up, society presses into us the belief that we all must look a certain way to be attractive, this is, of course, complete bullsh*t. Everyone is beautiful, and to highlight this beauty to its best level, learning to dress for yourself is crucial.


This figure is straight up and down with little to no curves. When dressing for this body type, highlight your hips, waist, or shoulders to give yourself more curves. This can be done through trumpet skirts, seaming at the midsection, or v-necklines. The main thing you want to avoid would be anything extremely oversized.


This is the body shape where you will be more narrow through the shoulders than the hips. Because of this, you will want shirt hems to cover the top of your pants, wear detailed necklines, a-line skirts, and mid-rise pants. You will also want to avoid tops that go over your bum, whiskering in pants, and full-size skirts.


This body shape is symmetrical in its balance between hips and shoulders, with the waist more cinched in. While many clothes will look good on this body type, make sure to avoid horizontal stripes, low-rise jeans, and turtle necks because these options aren’t very flattering on this figure.


This body type is more round and evenly distributed. Because of this, you will want to focus on accentuating your waist through empire-waisted dresses and skirts, mid-rise jeans, and pointed-toe shoes. While the legs in this body type are often slimmer, don’t overly show this off because it can make the top half of you appear bigger.

Inverted triangle:

This is the body type of someone with broader shoulders and narrow hips. When dressing, focus on structured clothes, defined waists, and long sleeves, and avoid anything that keeps you narrow at the bottom without enhancing your curves.

The next key will come in the form of fabrics. Due to the fact that you want to highlight your body, choosing fabrics that air on the clingy side is a great choice. Along with this, you’ll want to look expensive and thus natural fibers are the way to go.

  • Cashmere

  • Silk

  • Cotton

  • Linen

If you’ve watched my videos on TikTok or Instagram, then you are probably more than aware of my love for color psychology. An excellent way to express ourselves, the colors that we wear can portray many different meanings. Because of this, how the femme fatale dresses and the colors she chooses often carry a heavy amount of symbolism. For instance, neutral hues are a key to her wardrobe, but black and red are often the colors chosen.

  • Black

  • White

  • Red

  • Gold and silver

Details, details, details.

I will say it until I’m blue in the face, but adding details to any outfit will automatically make anything that much chicer and appear more expensive. When it comes to how the femme fatale dresses, the details are often more intricate than any other archetypes, so pay attention!

  • Beading and sequins

  • Small amounts of embroidery

  • Lace

Silhouettes of clothing and shoes are probably the most crucial part of this look. Everything needs to accentuate your figure, but at the end of the day you also need to be comfortable because that comfort will lend confidence.

  • Bodycon

  • Fit and flair

  • Pointed heels

  • Strappy sandals

The most boring outfit can become sensational with the right accessories. And when it comes to the femme fatale’s wardrobe her accessories certainly pop!

  • Leather purse

  • Gloves

  • Red lips and nails

  • Thigh highs

  • Lingerie


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