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Tips to always look expensive

There seems to be a flawed belief that in order to look good, you have to have money. And while money is always a helpful tool with quite literally anything, it’s very possible to look good on a budget. Or even no budget!

Fashion has been a veiled industry for so long, but we are now (finally) starting to see trends follow the trickle-up theory. Streetwear can be mixed with high-end designer clothes for all Instagram cares because all that matters at the end of the day is the result. However, if you’re after a look that says you have a million dollars just sitting in your bank account waiting for you to spend it, then all the tips to hone in on that style are below.

Go through your wardrobe

Before deciding that you need anything new, sort through your own closet and study your pieces. Is it the lack of tailoring that is making your clothes look cheap? The texture? The colors? Do you just need to pull out the iron and get rid of the wrinkles? Sometimes all an outfit needs to look a bit more expensive is a good tailor and your own confidence in how you look.

When you start shopping…

That is, anytime you decide that you need to buy something new…think of a few things first. How is the texture? Is the material good? Is this a trendy piece or something that’s timeless? While I tend to opt towards getting items that are timeless, a few trendy pieces that you really want never hurt anyone (unless you’re buying fast fashion).

Along with that, think about if it’s something you really want or if you feel the need to buy something at that moment. Along with these considerations when you’re out shopping…or sitting on your couch and clicking ‘add to cart,’ there are a few rules that can liven up any of your purchases and make them appear more expensive.

  1. Change the buttons on an item to look more expensive

  2. Have underwear that fits you well

  3. Keep your accessories clean

  4. Match your shoes to your purse (or even scarf)

  5. Hire a tailor so the item fits you perfectly

  6. Avoid entering the unfettered land of logomania

Closet Staples

  1. A pearl necklace (whether real or fake. Personally, I own both, but prefer my long-stranded one because it’s easier to style and I’m less worried about losing it.)

  2. Own a well-fitting white button down

  3. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and invest in a trench coat

  4. Always have a structured and fitted blazer on hand

  5. Sunglasses will not only give you confidence but can also pull together an outfit well.

  6. Have a classic handbag that’s always ready for you

Some Tricks

  1. If you don’t know what to wear, put together a monochrome outfit

  2. Find your own signature pieces and accessories

  3. Accessories will make the outfit

  4. Find a style that resonates with you and replicate it until you find your own sense of style

  5. Embrace details


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