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Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Fashion Trends

It’s time to take a deep breath, brew some coffee and curl up on the sofa because the ultimate fall/winter 2022-2023 trend report is here! From the large trends that will take over every fashion lover’s heart this fall to the micro-trends that have their niche advantages- every item and aesthetic that you’ll want to procure will surely be on this list.

At both Balenciaga and Gucci, eyes no doubt settled on the stars of Kim Kardashian and Rhianna in the front row. But once the clothes were released, so were the furtive glances to our celebrity trendsetters because designers in every fashion capital created quite the stir as they debuted shockingly short hemlines, a number of sheer ensembles and plenty of corseted detailing. So while we never advise you to follow trends simply because that’s what everyone else is doing, if you need any inspiration to liven up your wardrobe come fall then this trend report will definitely be of use.


  1. Black out

I think that most women have come to the conclusion that underwires should simply be a thing of the past and because of this, many designers ditched both the underwire and the shirt in favor of a classic black bra. The main brands that found favor in this look were Johnathan Simkhai, Khaite and Coach, all of whom chose to pair it with a blazer.

2. Lingerie Chic

Continuing with the look of black bras, see-through slip dresses and pelvic bone grazing shorts became an all star fashion trend for fall and winter. Veering towards a soft and sensual look, Fendi gravitated to thin slip dresses and corset tops in order to highlight women’s femininity in the workplace. Other brands that also enjoyed this flirtation with more sexual dressing were Miu Miu, Simone Rocha and Bottega Veneta.

3. Sweet suits

This fall it seemed there was a heavy emphasis on three piece suits with a bit of a ‘60s flair. Mini skirt suits also heavily captured designers' hearts with Chanel’s runway leading the pack. However, the need for classic and sophisticated suits for the modern office worker wasn’t only limited to Paris fashion week. Designers in every fashion capital gravitated towards this elegant look with Brandon Maxwell, Tory Burch and The Row leading the way.

4. Sending out flares

Both early aughts and Euphoria approved, flared leggings from the ‘60s have re-entered the fashion sphere. An elevated version of the often trash-talked legging, the extra flare seems to have gotten the designer stamp of approval from brands such as 16Arlington and Poster Girl. And if you can find a matching crop top then you could probably easily go back in time to the era of peace and love.

5. Maxi coats

Pulling away from cropped jackets, floor trailing coats took center stage among many collections for the fall of 2022-2023. Found mostly in both New York and Milan, this stunning cut of coats is unquestionably here to stay with designers such as Khaite, Bevza and Valentino heavily leaning into the trend. When stepping out in one of these masterpieces, just make sure the floor is clean!

6. Purrr, catwoman

Sleek and futuristic, a cat suit never disappoints. During the spring runway shows, a few examples of the catsuit occurred but when it came to fall it seemed that designer’s minds went haywire with inspiration. And with all this inspiration came the plethora of options for consumers. At Stella Macartney a knit option is there for those of you who prefer more delicate detailing. However, for those of you interested in futuristic options, Dior’s leather option will not disappoint.

7. Office chic

Thank God skirt suits have returned! The ultimate preppy look, this is a style I adore because it makes getting ready in the morning so easy. To get your hands on this proper and sophisticated item, heading to Oscar de la Renta, Serigo Hudson or Prabal Gurung is an excellent idea.

8. Revving the engine

A mix of sweet and spicy, moto jackets are making their comebacks in the collections for Versace, Loewe and Miu Miu. While the take at Miu Miu crossed into academic territory, finding rougher styles will be very easy when it comes to this fall fashion trend. I just hope that you have a bike to hop on.

9. Bustier or bust

A cottage core staple, bustier tops are the going out top that you will need this season. Perfect for the club with a sleek pair of jeans or brunch with a loose skirt, the bustier proves to be excellent as a transition piece. Softer versions were found at both Tibi and Proenza Schouler, but Dior, Balmain and Dion Lee leaned into an almost BDSM take on the look. Think thick leather straps and striking silver grommets…As for styling? Take Who What Wear associate editor, Sierra Mayhew’s advice and pair this style of top with a coat or blazer.

10. Simple takes

There’s nothing like a good basic to elevate any outfit and if you’re a minimalist at heart then this will be the season for you because designers fell hard for basic pieces. On the Prada runway we saw TikTok collectively scream in joy over the basic white tank top. Meanwhile Brandon Maxwell, Bottega Veneta and Givenchy embraced the simplistic outfit of jeans and a white t-shirt.

11. Lower-lower-lower

Just like the 2000s Flo Rida song, jeans this year are just going lower and lower. While this might cause ecstasy for some and a heart attack for others, there’s no denying this fashion trend that was heavily shown off at both Blumarine and Ulla Johnson. So get ready to bare your belly this winter!

12. Cape Coats

No longer something for heroes, capes have transcended costuming and entered our everyday life. Perfect for making a dramatic entrance (or exit) this piece of outerwear will give a certain something extra to your outfit. If you’re in the mood to play up your inner hero or villain then head to Bevza, Gabriela Hearst or Valentino for a bit of added inspiration.

13. Cozy coats

No fall/winter look is made complete without an extravagant and oversized coat. This was no different this season with thick and fluffy lining playing a crucial role in designers collections- perhaps an ode to the rockstar girlfriend aesthetic and Penny Lane? Paris runways seemingly took this look to the extreme with Chloe and Gabriela Hearst coming in clutch with the creation of this look.

14. Sloped Sleeves

Soft and sloping, sleeves dropped away from the bodice of dresses and tops to heavily accentuate both necklines and collarbones. Prominent in Paris fashion week with Courreges and Saint Laurent, the fashion trend also had a few key moments in New York with Dries van Noten and London with Simone Rocha. So if you’ve normally nixed wearing billowing sleeves, now is the time to readjust and try out this stunning trend.

Aesthetics >>>

  1. Y2K fever

Depending on who you talk to, there might be a reason to call a doctor considering the continuation of this Y2K fever. Either a cold in the head or genius of the heart, designers are in complete adoration with the early 2000s era. We have the Juicy Couture X Ganni collaboration, but along with this designers on the fall 2022 runways showed support. Just consider Simon Miller, Collina Strada and Area if you need any inspiration.

2. Sporty chic

Part of the entrance into the sporty look that occurred this winter was Alessanda Michele’s return to the runway with the Gucci X Adidas collaboration that proved stylish athletic wear does exist. Along with this, Tory Burch showed off track suit style jackets and both Dior and Off-White made references to soccer fashion. I guess it might be time to dust off those old tennis shoes and head out for a jog to your local mall!

3. School’s in session

Randomly dressing like a schoolgirl has been my obsession for the last couple months, perhaps it's a bit of Y2K nostalgia on my part to reminisce about the fashion in Britney Spears’ ‘Hit me baby one more time’ music video, but it’s a look I really couldn’t shake. Thankfully, it seems that I’m not in bad company with many designers highlighting this academic look in their collections. Obviously the looks at Miu Miu might get you dress coded, but Marine Serre and Rokh still have some wonderful options.

4. Decades long gone

Designers and creative directors alike seemingly drew inspiration from both Julian Fellow’s Gilded Age and Shonda Rhimes’ Bridgerton to enamour those who can’t get enough of vintage aesthetics. While both shows take place in different time periods, there is a heavy emphasis on sloping necklines, sequins and empire waisted dresses in both. If you don’t believe me, then go look at both Simone Rocha and Fendi.

Material Girl

  1. BRB, I need to call my grandma

The past couple seasons have given a heavy focus on artisanal pieces with crochet and other knit wear leading the brigade. From dresses to sweaters and tops, Ulla Johnson, Partow, Altuzarra and Gabriela Hearst all embraced this homespun look. So if you ever shoved away any handmade pieces that your grandmother made for you, then it’s time to dig them back out of your closet and don them for fall and winter.

2. Leather is better

No material was quite as popular as leather this season. From Prada’s pink leather trench coats to full leather looks at both Khaite and Bottega Veneta the spicy look sunk its teeth into our winter fashion trends.

3. Twinkle, twinkle little star…

As with the past few seasons since the re-emergence from the lockdown, party clothes have become a crucial staple to most collections. This after-dark, paint-the-town-red thought process has certainly flooded into designers collections once more with 16Arlington, Bottega Veneta and Coperni all hankering after the the irresistible strobe lights of the nearest club.

4. Little left to the imagination

Continuing with the night-out looks, sheer details became a mainstay for designers. While some of these looks might get you in trouble for public indecency, that wasn’t a worry for the designers that created collections around this sultry appearance. If you’re interested in wearing this look out, a few glances towards Fendi will point you in the direction of the right underwear to wear. However, if this is a new look for wandering about the house, Coperni will fill the void.

5. Bow-wow

The ultimate feminine statement piece, bows became a crucial part of many collections within the year. At some houses the bow was flattened, such as you can find at both Jil Sander and Valentino. Others found frilly fun in lifted and misshapen bows- these others including (but not limited to) the stylistic geniuses at Schiaparelli and Chopova Lowena.

Stylistic Takes

  1. Dresses over pants

A 2000s red carpet classic, the look of dresses over pants seems to be ready to stab us in the heart again (make of that statement what you will!) as many designers styled their pieces this way for the collection debuts- particularly in Copenhagen. However, the Scandinavian designers weren’t alone in finding this style to be fun as both By Malene Birger and Ganni should have different versions of this trend along their runways as well.

2. Make it oversized

Particularly partial to the oversized look myself, especially when it comes to jackets, this fashion trend has me jumping for joy. Seen at brands such as Peter Do, Louis Vuitton, Brandon Maxwell and Simone Rocha, this look that prizes comfort above all else is quickly becoming a hit. And why shouldn't it? There really is no way to make oversized items look bad!

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