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Mood board Creation

This service is great for those of you who are struggling to put outfits together in your own closet and just need a bit of inspiration. Working entirely through email, I will design 3 mood boards for you based on your personal style, favorite colors, and lifestyle in order to help you get those creative juices flowing. 


Discover your style

If you're reinventing yourself or are still struggling with putting outfits together, then this service is perfect for you. In one Zoom call, I'll help you figure out the best colors for you, your style personality and five different outfits for you based upon the clothes you already have. 


Closet purge

Look, I get it. Sometimes going through your closet by yourself is hard because you end up getting rid of nothing and end up with a pile of old memories instead. So while I can't help clean up the memories, I can help you decide which clothes just aren't going to help you as you move forward and create your dream life. 


Personal shopping

Whether it's a hectic schedule or the fact that you just hate shopping, I'm here to find the best products in your price range that fit your specifications and send you the links to them for purchase. How easy was that shopping trip? 

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Let's Work Together! 

If you would like to schedule any of these styling services please reach out to me at We can figure out pricing together as everyone deserves to look and feel their best!

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